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Learning Easy Holding Limited is a holding company. The first subsidiary was LearningEasy, Inc., Minnesota charter 11H-718, which has been successfully operating a learning management system platform since its inception in 2000.

Our platform delivers a learning management system with 21st century technological tools especially designed to promote excellence in learning. The system provides teachers the ability to create, distribute and sell their self-created course materials online. Through our technology, teachers will have access to thousands of open educational resources, aiming to promote an efficient and seamless educational experience for both the teachers and students.

As a company, our core focus is on the acquisition of companies that improve the learning experience, by creating an organized environment thorough which students and teachers can fully utilize digital resources in their learning. We do that through our interactive digital learning platform. Our cutting-edge, cloud based system, is easy to use with multi-layered security features to keep content safe and secure.

Companies in many sectors have clear paths into various markets but they just need a state of the art learning system platform for maximum market penetration. Learning Easy Holding looks to acquire companies that will capitalize on existing marketing by using the cutting edge learning management system platform that LearningEasy has been operating. The platform will propel subsidiary companies, using their own marketing and clientele, into leaders of their industry.

To explore the possibilities, and for more information on our system, visit our subsidiary www.learningeasy.net.

Contact us to learn more about the exciting features we will be bringing with this innovative technology.

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